Adwords Scripting grows up and gets keys to MCC

Adwords scripting is super powerful and easy to use.

But it had been hamstrung by limits.

  • The number authorised scripts being somewhere from 15-20 under the old OAuth system.
  • Random timeouts
  • Tediousness of maintaining scripts across multiple accounts.

Many who tried it, walked away in frustration if they had to deal more than a handful of clients. But now scripting looks set to give the Adwords API a run for its money.

Updates to OAuth2 has made the auth limits a thing of the past, timing issues seem to have disappeared for the last few months and now MCC level scripting is here. Finally you can run monitoring and management scripts across accounts.

A top use for this is finding broken links or sites that are down. QS and Budget tools are also very useful at account level help to find “problems” before they become “PROBLEMS”. Shifting the balance to pro-active instead of reactive.

With this additional data, you may run into the data limit in Google spreadsheets a bit quicker, but that is something I am glad to work around for now.

Looking forward to hearing new ways of using these new features at the Google Adwords API this week in Sydney.



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