Sign the Petition – Adwords keyword close variants are NOT for everyone

Imagine you specifically invited someone out to an intimate dinner and their whole family showed up? (And by the way, you are paying for all of them.) Well that is effect of ‘close variants of keywords’.

You get the related word family…

Now you must say “please come to dinner with me”, but do not bring* your mother, father, brother, friend, neighbour.
The *negative list gets quite long. Who would put up with that if we had to do that in the real world?

There are cases where you might want everyone e.g a party, where it saves writing an invite for everyone and you are happy for anyone vaguely related to your friends to turn up.

But there are definitely cases where you want exactly what you asked for. What is wrong here is that Google took away your option to choose. You, as the one paying Google, had the power to decide if this kind of “bring a friend” option is what you want with the exact or phrase you are targeting. Now you don’t. It sucks to be a Google client hey?

Anyway, it is mainly long-term Adwords professionals who are jumping up and down about this, because we know & understand the impact. In the grand scheme of things, we only a small number versus all of the self managed set & forget accounts out there. But would it really hurt to leave this as an advanced option for those few who need it / understand it?

“More clicks” is not the same as “better clicks”. It is “better clicks” that is far harder to achieve. Now we have to spend more time saying what you don’t want vs saying what you do want..

Please sign the petition.

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