Google Bugs

Trick to Click Disapprovals – Going haywire.

Getting a stream of disapprovals notices for “Trick to Click” since yesterday 22-Oct-2014.

It seems whatever the new process to detect these is itself flawed. I can only assume that it is an automated AI process of image classification & detection. Because no human would be making such mistakes. So far the funniest one is an ad for a Fiat Hatchback. Not sure how a picture of a car and it’s price qualifies as “trick to click”.

The element that is common so far in all of the disapproved ads is that they have circles or ovals in the image. In the case of the car ad, it has round head lights, wheels and an oval side mirror, if you take your glasses off & squint really hard you might think those are buttons. And this is why I think it is an automated detection algorithm rather than human.


Disapproval Reason


Image trick-to-click: To help make sure that our ads are relevant, useful, and easy to interact with, we don’t allow promotions that are not clearly identifiable as promotions. For example, we don’t allow images in ads that simulate computer functions (like an official system warning) or that could potentially trick people into clicking the ad (like promotions that appear to be a software download button). To run your ad, replace the image with one that does not contain this type of content.

See the policy to learn how to fix your ad:


A few years back when text detection in images started, I had ads getting disapproved on trademark grounds because a vehicle number plate or badge clashed with a trademark term (from a non-related industry) , manuall re-approval requests were required.

Anyway, hopefully this will be fixed soon. We reported it yesterday and provided more examples today.
Nobody likes having valid ads flagged as disapproved.

edit: As of 24-Oct-2014 Issues appears fixed. All reported errors were re-approved, no recurrence of issues.

Google Merchant Centre – Access Sharing still a dud

Of all of the Google products that “don’t play well with the other kiddies”, Google Merchant Centre is the worst.
You would think that since it moved from “free shopping” to “paid shopping” that it would have got some loving by now.

(OK, I will acknowledge that the (broken) spreadsheets template has finally been removed. But why was it left there for more than a year after is was reported?)

But overall it still has some very rough edges.

Account Sharing. Yay! What a great idea, you can get your Adwords account manager or web developer to help find/fix issues. Just like you can with Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adwords, Docs etc.

Woops… not so fast there is a catch*.

Inviting a new user
You can invite others to gain access to your Google Merchant Center account from the Users tab under Settings. These invited users sign in to your account with their own logins, so you can safeguard your own login information.

To grant access to additional users, follow these steps:

Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
Click the Settings tab.
Select Users.
Click the + User button.
Enter the email address of the person you want to invite.
Select the access level you’d like to grant to the user.
Click Save.
*Note: Each Google account may still only be associated with one Merchant Center account.

And what a nasty catch that is.. An account can only be associated with one Merchant Centre Account.
So whoever you are sharing it with, they will need to give you a fresh gmail account. They can’t consolidate access under one login, like they can with the other products.

If they have an account that lets them manage multiple accounts (a multi-user merchant account),
they can only have you in that workflow if they created the merchant account. There is no equivalent of an “invite” from the manager end like their is in AdWords.
This severely impedes professionals from helping with owner-created merchant accounts.

I hope Google fixes soon.